I find it quite amazing that some beaches on the island still do not have their sun loungers and umbrellas with peak season just days away. Problems with the concession have meant that some major beaches have been left without their usual facilities. This is a scandalous state of affairs and the local authorities should really give the issue greater importance. Majorca is in the lucky position of being one of the most sought-after holiday spots in the world. Really, we do not have to do too much just hope that the sun is shining and that the beaches are ready. The fact that some beaches are still in winter mode is a sad state of affairs. Much has been said throughout the low season about the need to limit tourism because the island was becoming too overcrowded. Perhaps, more attention should have been focused on more important issues such as the need to ensure that the beaches were first rate. Remember that the Balearics are now charging a tourist tax which has made the cost of a Balearic holiday even higher. So the islands should be ready for the peak season. I was at one of the Puerto Soller beaches last weekend and I was amazed to see that there were no beach umbrellas or sun loungers. I think at the moment we are broadcasting the wrong message. There is too much debate about things of little or no importance but at the same time important issues are just being left. The Balearics can´t drop its guard. It has real competition and tourits could go elsewhere.