Yesterday the Palmanova and Magalluf Hoteliers Association said that there has not been any “balconing” in the resorts for six years. What the association means is that there have not been any instances of deliberate diving from balconies for the past six years.
I can see where they are coming from but I find it a rather strange and callous statement to make considering there have been three deaths in the resort so far this summer and another young man is in a serious condition. Fine, the latest incident involved the 18-year-old falling from a window, but holiday makers, and young ones at that, are going home in body bags.
Just what the parents of the fatal or seriously injured individuals will make of the association’s comment I don’t know, but I doubt it would have been welcomed nor helped to have soothed the heartache and pain. Whether one has any sympathy for the victims or not, hotel associations and tourism bodies can not make statements suggesting they are washing their hands of the problem. Just because, so far this summer, no one has practiced balconing is neither here nor there.
How do they know? Just because no one has died or been injured in leaping from a balcony into a pool does not mean it is under control and had been eradicated.
Kids coming to Majorca for a fun time and going home dead or paralised is an issue which needs to be taken seriously and addressed with care.