It is summertime in Majorca and there appears to be a shortage of taxis in the city centre. The majority of taxis are out at the airport waiting for that one big lucrative fare. But the council should step in to ensure that there is an adequate number of cabs in the city and the taxi ranks should be better equipped. Take the taxi rank on the Jaime III, one of the busiest in Palma. In the same way as we have interactive bus stops, why can't the same technology be used at taxi ranks? 'The next free taxi is oen route and will be arriving in two minutes': it is not rocket science and obviously this technology does exist and is readily available.

I was recently in Paguera and noticed a German couple with a young child waiting at the main taxi rank. They told me that they had been waiting for at least half an hour; there were no taxis in sight. I would say that overall the taxi service in Majorca does an excellent job, but it could do with some more organisation. Perhaps Palma town hall could consider granting some more taxi licences during the busy summer months to cope with the increase in demand. I know that this would be controversial but something has to be done and quick. I am sure that the current taxi drivers would welcome the better technology at the taxi ranks because in some ways it would make their life easier. What we can't have is people waiting for a taxi for more than 30 minutes. The solution is technology, and the town hall needs to act.