You can see why many people on both sides of the debate in Britain are feeling disappointed over Brexit. The government has gone for a "half way house deal" in an effort to find a balance but instead it has effectively lost support on both sides and is pleasing no one. Having said that if the British government can convince Brussels that the so-called "Chequers Agreement" is a good deal, then I think all will end well. But the clock is ticking and British businesses need some clarity sooner rather than later. It is a nightmare scenario at the moment and fears of a "no deal" have sent shockwaves across the continent.

I do think that the European Union should stop making life difficult for Britain and instead come up with a deal which is acceptable for Britain. I do not get the impression that Brussels is being too helpful to the British government at the moment, raising the possibility of a "no deal" which would be bad for everyone. The longer the war of words continues it will be more complicated to reach a deal. Britain needs to trade with the European Union, and the European Union needs to trade with Britain. It is as simple as that. There should be free trade between the two because otherwise both the UK and the EU will suffer.

Britain's exit was never going to be easy but the time has come for some common sense on both sides. Britain will leave the EU, but both sides have to make it as painless as possible.