"It’s hardly in the interests of southern Spain to do harm to the UK pensioners out there," said British Home Secretary Dominic Raab when asked whether Britons living in the EU could lose access to UK bank services in a no-deal Brexit. I have heard this comment on so many occasions. "It is not in Spain's interest to do this."; "Spain will never mess with British tourists or expats". They are all comments which have been made by British ministers but these quotes are not supported by Spanish officials. In fact, Spain has said little.

I think British pensioners who are concerned about their future well-being in Spain deserve better. In fact, they should be given assurances by the British government not just speculative quotes. I would say that one of the main priorities of the Theresa May government should be to ensure that British expats living in the European Union are protected once Britain leaves the EU. In some ways they are in the frontline and could suffer the most in a no-deal-Brexit.

It would be rather nice if Britain could leave the European Union in an ordered and disciplined manner. But the chances of this happening are slim and the clock is ticking. The Brexit mess appears to get messier every day. While British citizens living in Spain were unable to vote in the European Union referendum it must be remembered that they are still British. The Foreign Office has been superb in updating expats but obviously they do not dictate government policy.