Boutique hotels appeared to be all the fashion in Palma but new figures out this week suggested that some were struggling. A recent report suggested that some had been forced to drop their prices because of poor demand. But I think this story has to be put into perspective: over the last few years scores of new hotels have opened in Palma. At one stage it appeared that one was opening on every corner. This has meant that Palma's 'bed bank' has risen dramatically. The city council, in my opinion, have done little to promote Palma as an upmarket getaway destination, and remember that all these hotels have to remain open throughout the year. So perhaps the council could lend them a hand.

There is plenty happening in the city over the coming months from the Palma Marathon to the Christmas lights and all the festive markets. Now is a golden opportunity to promote the city and bring in more winter visitors. The season is rapidly coming to an end but I have say that Palma appears busier than it has looked all summer at the moment. The owners of boutique hotels have spent many millions of euros restoring buildings to their former glory or even constructing new buildings so that Palma has some of the best hotels in the country. But they need some help from the council. There is a golden opportunity - the World Travel Market fair in London in November. This could be the moment for Palma to shine.