The Conservative Party are busy plotting and rebelling against Theresa May but no one is saying who they want as their new leader if May is ousted. The Tories have a habit of sacking their leaders when the going gets tough, but on this occasion they do not have anyone in the wings ready to become PM or even fight a general election. Can anyone really imagine Boris Johnson becoming M? What a scary thought. If the Conservative rebels want to be taken seriously, then perhaps they should say who is their choice to replace May. There is David Davis, the former Brexit Secretary, who at one stage was on course to be the leader of the Conservative Party. But he has resigned on more occasions than he has actually been in government. No one else really springs to mind.

Surely, now is the time for loyalty rather than rebellion. Surely, the party should show support for May in her hour of need. A no-deal Brexit would be a nightmare and at least May has got a deal. It may not be to everyone’s liking but it could be a work-in-progress scenario. The Conservatives should be careful. If May goes and is replaced by Davis or Johnson- they may find that they are handing over the keys of Downing Street to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. It would be nice for just once if the Conservatives backed their leader during the hard times. May might not be everyone’s choice but at least she has the guts to be prime minister.