I am rather amazed at all the fuss which is being made about all-inclusive package holidays and the proposed booze ban. The local authorities appear to be pushing for a ban on alcohol outside meal times for all-inclusive packages. It doesn’t really make sense. What is going to happen? People will drink more at meal times because it is free is the simple answer. Rather than introducing new legislation, why don’t we see a return to the old policy of the barman or woman saying "I think you have had enough, sir".

What can’t be allowed is help-yourself-booze in hotels, this is a recipe for trouble. Bar staff must serve the drink and they should be in a position to decide when and if a client can have another drink. Simple. It is a trusted method that has stood the test of time and it could easily be re-introduced. No one likes restrictions or bans especially when you are on holiday.

I can understand why the local authorities want to take action; it is to try and ease the number of incidents of rowdy behaviour. But free-flowing alcohol all day on a help-yourself basis is bad news. The local authorities did promise to tackle the issue of all-inclusive holidays because of their impact on the bar and restaurant trade. So far this legislation has not been introduced and some would claim that the local authorities are trying to tackle the problem through the back door by cracking down on alcohol. Not a great idea, which will not please British tourists. All-inclusive holidays are a fact of life and are here to stay.