Everywhere I go at the moment I get asked the same question; what is going to happen with Brexit. Spaniards and Britons appear to be asking the same question. My view is that parliament will approve Prime Minister Theresa May's deal by a small margin; it will be a victory by a whisker is my opinion. It appears that if May's Brexit brainwave doesn't go through parliament then Britain faces financial ruin, so says the Bank of England. At the moment it is mixture of Project Fear and Project Fact but Britain does need to get an deal. I have noticed a change in the editorial line of some British newspapers; they appear to be backing May eventhough they have a strong Brexit line. May has certainly come out fighting and has called in as much support as possible. But the fact remains that the majority of her own party are against a deal. They are probably not saying it in public but they are in private. May is also winning the sympathy vote and really no-one in her own party appears to have the courage to stab her in the back. Interesting times.

On a lighter note I can no longer say that I do not win anything in raffles and lottery draws. I am happy to report that I won one of the star prizes at the Age Concern Christmas lunch yesterday which was excellent. It was something I have always wanted also. I am the happy winner of a year's suscription to the Bulletin!