The estimated 300,000 British citizens living legally in Spain were denied the vote in the Brexit referendum because someone, somewhere thought that we would all vote “Stay.” So we were not involved but we will still have to face the consequences. One good thing is that the British in Spain can´t be held in anyway responsible for this terrible mess. This was a vote which didn´t involve us so therefore I believe that we shouldn´t pay the consequences. The European Union should consider allowing British expatriates to continue to be “citizens of the European Union” because we were not involved and I would say that the majority of expats are happy with their life in Spain and the advantages which European Union membership does offer such as the vote in local elections. Yes, I suppose that many expats could ask for Spanish nationality but why should they? This was a process in which we didn´t have a say so we should be able to keep our old status; British citizens but also members of the European Union. Yes, I want my cake and eat it, I hear you say, well no, I just want to be able to enjoy my life in a country I love but maintain the rights I enjoy at the moment. I do consider myself European and when I moved to Spain Britain was a member of the European Union. Brexit has become a disaster but we were not to blame. The European Union may need to change but I much prefer my country to a member than a state on the sidelines.