It was Theresa May who once said that many people called the Conservatives the "nasty party." She knows just how nasty the party can be. The Conservatives have a habit of trying to ditch their leader when the going gets tough; the downfall of Margaret Thatcher was especially brutal. While many Conservative members of parliament will claim that she was their greatest leader since Winston Churchill, they forget to mention that she was ousted not by the Labour Party but by her own MPs. Former prime minister John Major famously slammed some of his eurosceptic MPs for being "bastards" as they tried to topple him.

I suspect that voters are not impressed. To be honest the last thing that the Conservatives need at the moment is a leadership battle. Their divisions over Europe are evident to everyone and they are not nice. The Conservative Party has played a double role - opposition and government over Brexit. May did secure a Brexit deal, it might not have been to everyone's liking but it was a start and it eased the nightmare scenario of a no-deal Brexit. A deal is better than no deal and perhaps with some constructive criticism MPs could have helped the government achieve their aim of delivering Brexit. But no. The knives are out and yet another Conservative prime minister has to fight for survival.

Britain is against the ropes in a very complicated situation. Perhaps Conservative MPs should remember the words of Winston Churchill and unity.