After a rather sad week for Britain in which the country's elected representatives behaved like a group of spoilt children it was rather nice to see European politicians and leaders offering some kind words for Theresa May. It is rather sad that a country which once prided itself on its good manners has been shown to be rather lacking when it comes to good behaviour. As I said in this space earlier in the week Theresa May has been treated badly by her own party; so much so that the so-called "bad guys" in Brussels felt that they needed to come to her rescue, underlining her courage and hard work in trying to get the Brexit deal.

Now, some may say that May is the prime minister and she should be able to cope with criticism and bad manners but I don't think anyone is too impressed with how she has been treated this week. Even her arch-rivals must feel some admiration for her stamina and courage. But as one of her own members of parliament pointed out stamina is not a top ingredient needed to be a good prime minister.

May has done her best; she has tried and she has been defeated at the hands on her own party. There is little chance that her deal will ever be approved by parliament but a no-deal Brexit deal would be a nightmare. So perhaps she should go to the country and let the people decide on her performance as prime minister and her Brexit deal. Once thing for sure, she does deserve some respect.