So, what’s it going to be, elections or referendums? If it is the latter, then they should be legalised and made part of constitutions because in Spain, for example and much to the anger of Catalonia, they are not, but I guess that could be put to a referendum ... and so it goes on.

When the United Kingdom held the Scottish and EU referendums, European countries were very impressed, politicians and the public were all rubbing shoulders and saying to each other ‘that’s democracy, that’s how politics works’. Does it? Referendums are a bit like civil wars, they divide family, groups of friends, society at large and cause immense damage to the political and social structure and unless there are grounds laid down for a clear result, say 60-40, it’s a dangerous game to play.

Nevertheless, across Majorca yesterday, well it has been going on for the past couple of weeks, ‘local referendums’ were carried out asking people whether they wanted to continue with a monarchy or become a republic - again.

99% of my friends are Spanish, it’s never been an issue, so where has all this come from? And from what I have been led to understand, the vast majority don’t care; it’s a typical shrug and huff answer job. However, if there is a serious movement to ditch the monarchy in Spain, then a political party, obviously from the left, should put it in its manifesto so that the electorate can legally decide at the forthcoming general election.

Unless important issues are dealt with properly, it just causes tension and confusion and even then be careful what you wish for.