Young and with bright ideas. The next Spanish prime minister will be under the age of 48, with the main political parties all putting their faith in youth rather than government experience. I think it is the way forward. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is now the oldest candidate at 48. His clean-cut conservative opponent this time is 38-year-old Pablo Casado, while Albert Rivera - leader of centre-right Ciudadanos and equally chiselled in features and in his choice of suits - is one year older. Then there is Pablo Iglesias, 40, who founded the far-left Podemos in 2014.

It is a new generation of Spanish politicians. Watching the debate between the four candidates on Spanish television on Monday night gave an insight into the "new Spain", a country which now has four political parties, two on each side of the political spectrum. Spain is a country which is going places and where youth and new ideas are key. What a difference from British politics. There is Theresa May who is 62 and Jeremy Corbyn is 69; Vince Cable is 73. Perhaps British politics needs an injection of youth. New ideas are certainly needed to break the Brexit deadlock and to put the country back on track.

The difference between the political leaders of Spain and Britain is clear to see. Perhaps it should be a case of out with the old and in the with the new in Britain because at the moment the rather mature British leaders are going nowhere.