The European elections in Britain were won by a party that doesn't believe in the European Union and feels that Britain should pull out at once. It was a rather pointless exercise and just underlined the fact that Britain is still deeply divided over Brexit. From these warm shores it is difficult to comprehend what is going on in Britain at the moment, and there does appear to be a complete lack of common sense on all sides. Sooner or later a way forward will have to be found because otherwise Britain will be leaving the European Union without a deal.

Surely the European elections, because at the end of the day they counted for little because Britain is leaving anyway, were a golden opportunity for the main political parties to debate and discuss what sort of Brexit Britain wanted. Should Britain remain in a Customs Union, should Britain remain in the Single Market? Should Britain continue to allow the free movement of labour? These are all valid points which could have been debated during the European election campaign to discover what sort of Brexit the British electorate wants.

But no, in the end it was a pointless exercise in which nothing was decided or even discussed. No new ideas to break the deadlock, just the same old views that Brexit means Brexit or No Brexit is good for Britain. From afar Britain doesn't appear to be taking the whole process seriously, just making the problem a lot more serious.