There is a perception at the moment that Britain is the laughing stock of Europe over its failed Brexit attempts. There is also a perception that relations between Spain and Britain are strained over Gibraltar. Michael Gove, the government minister and failed Conservative Party candidate said during the no-confidence vote against Theresa May that Jeremy Corbyn would never stand up to Spain over 'The Rock'.

In Madrid on Thursday night hundreds of people attended the Queen's Birthday Party at the residence of the British ambassador, Simon Manley. The majority of guests were Spanish, either businesspeople or government ministers. What was evidently clear was the warmth of the relationship which exists between Spain and Britain. There is big investment by both countries in each other and of course there are the close tourism and defence ties which exist between the two countries.

Looking around the people at the party you got the impression that relations between the two countries couldn't be better. Brexit was a shock to Spain but at the same time it was the will of the British people and is an exceptionally difficult issue to handle. The good relations have been helped in no small part by the fact that Britain has an exceptionally good ambassador to Spain; it is just sad that he is now leaving the post after six years. Simon Manley underlined the important ties which unite the two countries in his speech on Thursday and it is evident that it is going to take something much bigger than Brexit (which is big enough) to ruin this fantastic relationship.