Less tourists in Majorca

Dear Sir,

Reading the MDB for years same issues come back in certain parts of the year.

Now there are less tourists, which is a normal evolution if you think further than one day ahead.

The abnormal growth of tourists the last years had nothing to do with Majorca but with unsafe destinations. This growth would never had happened otherwise.

But are they the tourists, Majorca wants? What about the hardcore who came before the this growth and will still come after?

They have been talking about too much tourists, well now is the turning point to make a new sustainable tourist model based on various things Majorca offers such upgrade quality, respect nature, culture, throughout the season: let the visitors show what is still remaining of the real Majorca (Isla de la Calma).

What I also see is that the Melia group and others, are upgrading some parts of the island and invest a huge amount of money to change the image and on the other hand in those places, same story all over again; drunks, drug related crimes, fights, ambulance members who need to be protected by police, drunken passangers on planes and in the airport (German who injured and killed a security guard in May), brawls, etc. The politics can say what they want, nothing is done about this.

I hope that this will finally be a turning point for the coming years so we can still enjoy Majorca as we initially discovered it.

Mike Lammers