Who will blink first...New Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that he is prepared to take Britain out of the European Union without a deal unless the EU agree to a new deal without the Irish backstop. The European Union is sticking to its guns; no new deal. The British government spent most of the weekend telling anyone who would listen to them that they were preparing for a no-deal putting the European Union under pressure, because the last thing that Brussels wants is for Britain to crash out which would have a big impact on both the British and European economies. But you do get the impression that the new Boris Johnson administration is starting to pay hardball with the European Union.

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Under former Prime Minister Theresa May, the rhetoric was far calmer and polite and sometimes it appeared that Brussels was even the driving seat. Now, it looks as if the British government is on a collision course with the European Union and the British government´s view is that unless the EU changes tack then things could get very nasty. I don´t think anyone in their right mind would want a no deal Brexit and it could be just a bargaining ploy by the British government. But no one can be too sure. I do believe that Johnson is capable of taking Britain out of the EU without a deal (or at least he says so) despite all the doom and gloom it could mean for the British economy but Johnson has certainly got the ball rolling.