Why is Pedro Sanchez making life so difficult for himself? His Socialist party was the most voted at the last election but he needs to a coalition to form a government and become Prime Minister. He has tried to play hardball with his obvious partner, the far left party Podemos, but it has backfired and the rest of the left wing parties are following Podemos’ lead.

Sanchez had signalled his desire to form a minority administration – the so-called ‘Portuguese model’ – which would have allowed him to align himself with the left on social issues and with centrist and conservative parties on economic and territorial issues, but neither side are having any of it.

So what’s he up to, who is calling the shots? Some fear it is big business, the country’s tycoons don’t want the radical left in government, but should a good old Socialist be listening to the big boys in their crystal towers, surely he should be listening to the people and doing everything he can to form a progressive government and get to work on solving the problems ‘real’ people are facing.

But no, Spain remains in limbo, no government and no budget and, right now, it looks like the country is staring down the barrel of another general election in November and the country really has not got the stomach for another trip to the polling stations.

Sanchez will be meeting the King in Palma this week, perhaps the Monarch might have some wise words of wisdom for him.