Dear Sir,

I very much enjoy reading your paper daily when in Majorca.

My family and I, have just returned to the UK, after a thoroughly enjoyable 10 day stay, this after a week at the end of May.

Overall I would think we have visited Cal D’or maybe 20 plus times during the last 9/10 years, and we always stay at our favourite hotel.

This year though, could be the last, the reason been the age limit for family/sharing rooms has been lowered to 12 years as you have reported many times, thus after your child reaches 12 he is classed as a adult, so you need more than 1 room.

As not all Hotels have adjoining/inter connecting rooms, this is proving difficult, as is the price doubling from previous visits, and with a 7 and 12 year old, difficult to manage.

Speaking to hotel staff (who have become friends over the years), this is affecting lots of businesses in Majorca.

We have many friends now, who for the first time are now been attracted to Greece, Turkey and mainland Spain, where this ruling is not at such a young age. I guess once they go to other destinations, they maybe won’t return to Majorca if saving a lot of money, enjoying the new destination and with the current situ of the Euro, this could be a key factor in certain destinations.

Maybe the local government should be made aware of this more, when moaning there concerns about visitor numbers.