The honeymoon period is certainly over for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who have been slammed by the British media for using a private jet to take them on holiday to Ibiza.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have become eco-warriors but their environmental halo rather slipped last week when it was revealed they travelled on the exclusive aircraft, which is allegedly less environmentally friendly than your average, bigger holiday jet.

They deserved the criticism. It is a question of- why do you not practice what you preach? For Prince Harry, I suspect, the rather unflattering headlines will have come as a shock especially as he has been the darling of Fleet Street for the last decade. For Meghan Markle it is a clear indication that the public mood has changed.

To be honest the Duke and Duchess of Sussex need to change. Prince Harry may have married a Hollywood star but he can´t enjoy the Hollywood lifestyle especially when the British taxpayer is partly footing the bill. A role needs to be found for the royal couple and quickly because otherwise they risk going from hero to zero for Fleet Street.

These are also dangerous times in Britain; all the royals should be following the great example which has been set and continues to be set by the Queen. Royal spending needs to be curbed especially as the British economy slows and there are economic fears over Brexit, otherwise the younger royal can expect more negative headlines from the once adoring media.


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Braintreemate / Hace over 2 years

While the use of private, fuel guzzling, CO2 spewing, aircraft is clearly despicable, it is the castles that must go. Can you imagine the CO2 footprint of these monstrocities? The world MUST be saved according to Prince Charles!! Get on with it!!


James / Hace over 2 years

Get. A. Grip! The Bulletins blurb of 08-05-2019 stated: “they traveled with security personnel”. That sort of sums it up. With the number of extremist groups who would love nothing better than seeing all three of their heads on a pike, would you rather they travel RyanAir?