I was scanning through the comments on our website yesterday below the story that the British government has set-up a three million pound fund to help nationals in the EU prepare for Brexit.

One reader pointed out that Brexit was meant to save money but it was quite amazing how much it was costing!

Millions of pounds have been spent on preparations for leaving the European Union and the meter is still running and Britain hasn´t left yet.

But I do applaud the British government´s fund to help expats and hope it will ease the concerns of some, especially the elderly, who must be worried about Brexit and how it will impact their lives in Spain, especially their desire for free healthcare in what must be one of the best health services in Europe.

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Watching, the debate in parliament yesterday I was glad to see that there was a rather sombre mood because these are worrying times for all British nationals across the globe and any cross-party cheering would be totally out of place.

But returning to our website and the same story there was a comment from another reader who said that he was still pondering whether to leave Spain and return to Britain.

Many others, across Spain, are considering the same question. If there is a sudden exodus of British expats because of Brexit, then the British government will face an even bigger bill.

The National Health Service in Britain will be placed under an even greater strain and may need the 350 million pounds promised during the EU referendum.