There are warning signs about the state of the local economy; this summer season has been poor compared to previous years so Majorca needs all the tourists it can get. The other side of the argument is that cruise ships do cause pollution and Palma is overcrowded on key days, especially when the so-called mega-cruise ships are in port. At the moment the city and probably most of Majorca is split over the issue of cruise ships.

The Balearic government is under pressure to limit their visits and has already held talks with cruise ship operators. But, the local business community is not impressed, a sizeable part of their takings come from cruise ship passengers and if there is a limit then they will suffer. So what is the way forward? I think the local authorities are right to try and limit visits by the mega cruise ships but they are sending out all the wrong messages. The local authorities are trying to reach an accord with the cruise ship operators so there is reduction in the amount of pollution and less overcrowding in the city so that Palma can be enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. This is the correct message.

The slightest hint of a possible ban on cruise ships will make banner headlines across Europe. I would urge the local authorities to be very careful with this issue and measure their words. Palma needs cruise ships but probably not as many. There is a fine line between right and wrong on this issue and opinion is very split.