The World Travel Market tourism fair in London should prove very interesting this year because it saddles two important events. The trade fair takes place during the first week of November and brings the world tourism industry together under one roof.

The Balearics has its own stand and sends a large delegation including the Balearic President Francina Armengol. Britain is due to leave the European Union on October 31 and if it doesn´t Britain will have a new Prime Minister if Boris Johnson is to be believed.

Spain will also be gearing up for yet another election, the fourth in four years, if no accord is reached between the main parties on a coalition deal over the next few days. The election is scheduled to take place on November 10 so Spain will not have a government if and when Britain leaves on October 31. So very difficult times for both Spain and Britain which will have serious implications for the tourist industry.

There will not be a shortage of news at the London fair. The local authorities are deeply concerned at the prospect of a No-Deal Brexit because they fear long queues at border entry points. Also, British tourism is vital for Spain.

The industry will try and bring pressure so that Brexit doesn´t hit the British market but I sincerely doubt that there will be a Spanish government in place. So it will be a very worried Balearic tourist industry heading to London in November and no-one really knows what they can expect.