Will he or won't he. It does appear possible that Boris Johnson just might get a Brexit deal from the European Union. This would be against all odds but the “body language” does appear to be improving and even Brussels appears to be a warming to a new deal. Now, this could all be spin from the British government.

For a short while I will give Johnson the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps, his claim that Britain was prepared to leave without a deal has got Brussels thinking and could have led to a change of heart. He has always said that this was a bargaining tool but no-one really believed him suspecting that his master plan was just to crash out. If there is no deal it will hit Britain hard but the European Union as well. Britain will not pay the so-called divorce settlement and European Union exports to Britain will suffer. So should Johnson be given a vote of confidence....?

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Well, only a little one but if he does secure a deal his fortunes will change dramatically. Former Prime Minister Theresa May got a deal but it was torpedoed by parliament (three times!). There is another danger for Johnson. He might get a deal which pleases his Conservative Party which is then rejected by parliament because he doesn´t have a majority.

So, there are still plenty of hurdles ahead. The only difference is that the European Union had said that they would never negotiate a new deal and now they appear to be willing to do so. So some credit for Johnson. He also might find that he gets a deal and then he is ejected from office at a general election...afterall not everyone wants Brexit.