There is some concern locally about the state of the British holiday market. These fears regarding the impact of Brexit on holiday bookings and the collapse of Thomas Cook were largely dispelled at the recent World Travel Market tourism fair in London. But there are still some worried people in the tourist industry.

The Balearic government can't afford large scale promotional advertisements and features on British TV, but they don't need to really...because Majorca has The Mallorca Files. This ten part detective series shows Majorca in a fantastic light: stunning scenery, great weather, first-class beaches, all at a time when Britain is shivering in the cold. You couldn´t buy promotion this good.

Things are looking promising for the The Mallorca Files, also. It has been sold to television companies across the globe which will further add to its already impressive viewing figures in Britain. So it is a win-win situation for the island. I have been impressed by the first two episodes of the series. It is ideal afternoon viewing and it does offer that good old-fashioned escapism which is sadly missing from British television at the moment. A good thriller, warm weather and fantastic scenery, what more do you want?

The local authorities should continue to encourage movie and TV companies to the island because it is first rate promotion. If The Mallorca Files is half as successful as TV classic Bergerac or Dempsey and Makepeace then Majorca can be very happy indeed.


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Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Help! All the episodes are on the iPlayer. It's so compellingly bad! Palma and everywhere else they go are completely empty. No tourist, no locals, no traffic. No scooters. Really few Spanish or Mallorcan characters too and barely any Spanish and no Catalan. Everyone speaks good English! did spot a little yappy dog though, so yup, it's Mallorca. And a copy of your rivals, Diario de Mallorca. You must try harder MDB. Surely they must plug you guys especially with all your gushing! If anyone books to holiday here on the strength of this series they are going to get a massive shock! They must be locking down locations really tight when filming to make it look that empty. Right!, On to the next episode for more gnashing and wailing.


John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

Maybe that Bergerac and Dempsey and M was popular was because they had decent scripts,decent actors not this utter drivel. Perhaps the Bulletin is going too much overboard in its praise .


OSN / Hace about 1 year

getting on for 20 million tourists visit the Balearics every year eager to spend their annual savings. It's total nonsense that the regional government doesn't have the money for large marketing campaigns, the truth is, for whatever reason, they just don't want to spend it.


Ricky / Hace about 1 year

I have a certain admiration for Jason’s dogged efforts to promote Mallorca, although I disagree with him on Sunday opening, more malls etc. What really grates, however, is that the MDB now consistently refuses to post my comments on the REAL Mallorca. I won’t re-list my recent 10 points about the reality of life here and the need to improve because this post would not be used. So I will just make one point to you, Jason. Ignoring the reality won’t make it go away. And glossy soaps will leave the currently salivating potential tourists leave disappointed.


Britbabe / Hace about 1 year

Jason - you really are doing your best to promote "The Mallorca Files". Have you got shares in the production company ?