For years now, we have been campaigning for more winter flights. The situation has improved dramatically especially as Jet2 are now operating to Majorca all year around.

There is still plenty to do and Scotland obviously needs more flights to its favourite holiday island but we are certainly moving in the right direction. I am also pleased to say that we have proved the doom and gloom merchants wrong because there is a strong demand for Majorca even in the low season amongst the British.

When I travelled to London for the World Travel Market in November I was amazed to see that my flight to London was packed with local residents and tourists. It was the same story when I returned a few days later. I travelled back to Britain on Monday for the Christmas holiday and my flight was half full but returning to Palma on Friday and it was packed.

I expected the so-called British terminal at the airport to be empty but no, there were quite a few flights and there were alot of people about. Jet2 should receive plenty of praise for reviving winter tourism on the island. They took a gamble and it appears to have paid off. The local authorities also deserve praise for their efforts but more can still be done. Palma has plenty of potential as a low season weekend destination especially in January with the Three Kings parade and the San Sebastian festivities with live music in many of Palma’s squares. The fantastic Christmas weather is another bonus point.

Let us hope the winter tourism revival continues it will certainly help the local economy and ensure that people working in tourism can work 12 months of the year.