Good on ya, as some of their Commonwealth subjects would say...get a proper start in life...but not on the tax payers’ money. While it appears that for many their decision to “go it alone” has come as a surprise, last year I had a chat with various armed forces veterans who told me that they were starting to feel let down by Harry - a champion for serving and former servicemen and women, especially those maimed and wounded in action - hence the Invictus Games.

But I was told by those veterans who knew Harry and had been graced with his presence at various fund raising events etc. that they felt his heart was no longer in it, “he was just going through the motions” and it hurt.

So, now the bombshell has been dropped and sympathy in the British press, with which the couple decided to go to war, appears to be lacking. But, they surely cannot be allowed to have their cake and eat it. While it is early days, they will continue to base themselves at Frogmore Cottage in the grounds of the queen’s Windsor Castle when in the UK. The property was recently renovated at a cost of 2.4 million pounds by taxpayers, not to mention the cost of their wedding.

They will also continue to have royal protection - to me that does not sound like going it alone. Who is advising them?

This time I think they have over stepped the mark and should do the honourable thing and make a clean break.