The Mayor of Palma, José Hila, has thrown down the gauntlet to the thousands of Palma residents and the great hordes which will be flocking to the capital later this month for the big party on January 19, when there will be dancing, singing, drinking and eating in the streets of Palma as it celebrates its patron saint’s day Sant Sebastià.

The mayor issued a plea this week for everyone coming to the party, and other of the numerous mass events being held, to respect the city and help keep it clean.

He stated that it is the responsibility of the general public to behave so that that the city is “cleaner and more sustainable”.

Good man!

There will be extra police on the beat and the municipal cleaning services boosted but, as I have often said, more often than not, what hampers the authorities from keeping Palma clean round the clock is the attitude of the general public.

Hila said that he wants his council to be remembered for promoting “civic responsibility and sustainability” and, while this campaign is going to continue, the litmus test is going to be Sant Sebastià.

Let us just see to what extent residents of Palma and the rest of the island respect and appreciate their capital city which attracts thousands of foreign visitors from across the world all year round.

If Hila manages to get his message across, well done I say.