Small shops have launched a cry for help in Palma claiming that that many will be forced to close unless urgent action is taken by the authorities. This is a rather amazing state of affairs when you consider that thousands of cruise ship passengers come ashore every day during the summer months along with a similar number of tourists staying in hotels and apartments. And then of course there is the resident population. So why are times so hard on the high street when many believe that the city is overcrowded during the key summer months?

Obviously, there is no simple answer but perhaps more flexible opening hours is the solution. Shopping trends are changing, people want to shop when they want to shop and not when the shop is open! The growth in internet sales has come about and people can buy from the comfort of their own home or office. So imagine if shops during the summer months are open all day; the shutters go up as soon as the cruise ship docks and they remain open until the ship departs.

Perhaps, more opening times in the summer and less in the winter is the answer. I must admit I am always amazed to see that all shops are open on a Monday when there is little or no trade but all are closed on a Sunday when would-be shoppers have more time. Something has to change and change is hard but it would be a great pity if the smaller shops disappeared from Palma because of a lack of trade.