Officials from the local ministry for tourism led by tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, were in London yesterday to inform the British government, travel industry and the UK media about the controversial booze ban which has been introduced on all inclusive holiday packages in Magalluf and also the crackdown on anti-social behaviour. As part of the new legislation pub crawls are banned and there are heavy fines for anyone caught “balconying.”

The local authorities have already met with German officials regarding this issue. The legislation has already been approved by the Balearic parliament but you would have thought that the local authorities would have met with British and German officials before the actual rulings were introduced. I think everyone is agreed that something had to be done about Magalluf and the unruly behaviour by a small proportion of tourists but is this new legislation fit for purpose?

Does the Balearic government have enough resources to ensure that the new legislation will be enforced? Will the alcohol limit in all inclusive holiday packages lead to a fall in bookings? Should the Balearic government have enlisted the support of the British and German travel industry before going ahead with legislation which is pretty ground-breaking? These are all questions which will become answered over the coming months, especially when the season gets underway, but for now it is a question of wait and see.