While the Balearics government and local councils continue on their crusade to take the fun out of coming to Majorca, Turkey is doing its best to gobble up as much of the Northern European tourist market as possible.

While staying well away from booze bans and removing restaurant and bar terraces, for example, Turkey has quite literally thrown its doors wide open to visitors.

The country announced yesterday that it would provide the citizens of five Schengen countries and the United Kingdom with a 90-day visa exemption for tourist travel.

This step aims to further develop tourism potential, as well as commercial, economic and cultural relations with Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland and the U.K, said a written statement by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoy.

The visa exemption will be provided to the five Schengen countries and the U.K. for tourist travel beginning March 2 for 90-day visits once every 180 days, it added. Over the past few years, Turkey has been moving up the ladder of most popular destinations - never mind is wonderful beaches, exotic culture, history, architecture and Eastern promise, it is also cheaper than the Balearics and is proving a big hit with the Germans who are struggling to fight off a recession. Will the British fall for the bait?