No-one can accuse Balearic Minister for tourism, Iago Negueruela, of doing nothing. Infact, since he took over as minister last autumn he has probably done more than any other minister in such a short period of time.

Like it or not he has finally introduced legislation which could bring Magalluf under control. His plans to limit booze on all inclusive holiday packages, ban pub crawls and other new rulings to combat bad behaviour has even won him support from the British government. Last week he was in London for talks on this issue with the government and the British travel industry. And now he is taking aim at the cruise ship industry.

The majority of people agree that Palma is overcrowded during the summer months thanks to the mega-cruise ships. Now, the government is looking at ways to limit cruise ships or to ensure that they do not all moor up in Palma on given days. This will be a long process and for this reason the ministry has asked the Port Authority to not take any new cruise ship mooring bookings for 2022.

This will allow the local authorities to study what action they can take without causing too much disruption. Now, some may say that all this new legislation could hit the industry and lead to fewer tourists. Yes, this could be the case but remember that curbing cruise ships and bringing Magalluf under control were major concerns amongst the local population. At least the government is doing something.