The smarting royal yesterday had the sauce to appear in Edinburgh, where he is known as the Earl of Dumbarton when he is in Scotland, to warn that the growth of tourism was threatening to destroy some of the world’s most beautiful places.

On one of his last official engagements the duke said that if action was not taken now then more destinations would have be closed to worldwide visitors. He also called on travel and tourism businesses to work together to develop a more sustainable future. You’ve got to laugh.

This is coming from a young chap who has decided to uproot his family, distance himself from the royal family and move to Canada from where he and his glowing wife will commute to various events around the world - by plane.

Now, last summer they were both taken to task in the media over their love for private jet-hopping and their very own carbon footprint, so who does “just call me Harry” think he is lecturing people about their travel habits?

And, the response from the public in Edinburgh yesterday said it all.

Last time he and his former actress visited the city, the streets were lined with well-wishers, yesterday it was business as usual as he rocked up by train carrying his own bags. No purple rain on this prince’s parade!