It is a great shame that Hollywood star, Michael Douglas, is selling his home on the island because I would say that he is Majorca’s best ambassador. Douglas has made clear that the sale of his home is for personal reasons and has nothing to do with the island. It would be nice if the local authorities could persuade him to change his mind and stay.

Last weekend he was on the island staying at his Majorcan home. He took to social media to announce that he was here and to underline the beauty of the island. His posts were seen by thousands of people across the globe, what better promotion could the island ask for? I would urge the Balearic government to sign him up as an ambassador for Majorca. Can you imagine if Douglas accompanied the Balearic delegation to the three main holiday trade fairs?

It would put the island in a different league. Douglas was recruited many years ago to promote the islands but it should have been a long term contract. Lets face it, we live in a celebrity-obsessed world and the local authorities should use them to promote their favourite holiday spot.

Michael Douglas clearly loves the island, he has said so in countless interviews over the years. He is also well aware of the island’s long history and the need to protect its natural areas. The fact that he is married to one of Britain’s most famous actresses is also a major bonus. So if the local authorities are stuck for someone to promote Majorca they have a perfect candidate who has a home on the island.