What a difference a covered terrace makes. Palma appeared unusually quiet on Thursday evening; the usually busy terraces were half empty and it did seem strange to see many popular bars and restaurants without their covered terraces. And you can clearly see why bars and restaurants are furious with the council.

Eventhough Thursday night was mild it was still relatively windy and without the shelter of the covered terrace it was not too pleasant sitting outside. Hence why the bars and restaurants were relatively empty. For a bar or a restaurant it must be a nightmare scenario. All of a sudden their business has less sitting area but their overheads remain the same. The council has called for all covered terraces to be removed because they allegedly obstruct the pavements for pedestrians.

This is a ridiculous ruling and will hit local businesses hard especially as there are already fears over a drop in tourism as a result of the coronavirus. But it won’t be just bars and restaurants which feel the pinch. Shops will also be hit by the perceived fall in business. The majority of people are opposed to this new law but the Palma city council don’t appear to want to back down or even compromise.

Owners and staff at bars and restaurants are planning a whole series of protests because they believe that their livelihood is under attack. Local business say that they are having a hard time at the moment....the terrace ban only makes the problem worse.