At last or should it be better late than never? Sir Richard Branson has finally been given the green light to transform his Son Bunyola estate in Banyalbufar into a luxury hotel. I say at last because Branson had tried before and failed simply because of rather short sighted politicians.

Two decades ago Branson announced that he wanted to transform the Son Bunyola estate into one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. He applied for planning permission but it was denied.

Banyalbufar wanted the hotel, there is little employment in the village and the project would have created hundred of jobs. The local tourist industry wanted the hotel because it would give the island even greater prestige. But the Mayor of Banyalbufar said no and that was the end of the story.

Branson sold Son Bunyola and a few years later he sold his flagship Hotel La Residencia in Deya. It appeared that his relationship with Majorca was over. But a few years ago he repurchased Son Bunyola and revived his initial plans which this week were given the green light.

So Branson’s environmentally friendly hotel will be a reality. But imagine if it had opened 20 years ago as planned? I am sure that Banyalbufar would have benefitted and perhaps Majorca’s dream of being a destination for the rich and famous would have been a step closer. In some ways it is rather sad but at least a wrong has been put right. Better late than never, I say, and I bet many agree.