Boris Johnson was forced to bow to pressure from all sides over closing schools and ramping up the UK’s war on the virus, but I have a niggling feeling that he has been holding back until all necessary security measures are in place to combat civil disobedience.

While the pubs are still open, despite having been asked and advised to stay away, many are still doing good business. How will the UK react once they are forced to close like here in Spain and most of the rest of Europe?

Boris is obviously taking the UK into a gentle lockdown because he, his government and the police chiefs are worried about how the country will react.

Bear in mind, all this is happening against the backdrop of Brexit, something which has split the social fabric of the UK and has angered a large section of the population.
It may not take much to spark a fire in the UK right now.

Having spent the past few days listening to UK radio debates and phone ins, there does appear to be a sense of defiance - people don’t want to be made to stay at home.
Well who does? But any and all steps being taken by governments across the world are for our benefit and the sooner we win this war the better.

I hope that the UK responds accordingly when the crunch moment comes because it will.


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Billy Knowbend / Hace about 1 year

Yes, I agree there are are a large number of people who are angry in the UK. They are angry because they have been trapped in in the EUSSRfor almost four years after voting to leave. Every month we are contributing 1.2 billion pounds to reduces the EU deficit. Don’t expect the UK to contribute the financial meltdown in Europe caused by the Coronavirus. We left the EU on 31st January.


Billy Knowbend / Hace about 1 year

Yes,I agree there is a large number of people who are angry in the UK, because they have been trapped in EUSSR when we should have left a long time ago. We are still paying into a corrupt failing organisation which is falling apart before our eyes. Of course Brussels wants to tie us in for a long as possible because we are contributing 1.2billion a month to their increasing deficit. Interesting how they have failed to support Italy during it’s period of extreme need. The only people who may riot and start looting are Mrs Merkles guests who expect everything for nothing.