It is a tale of two nations; in Britain the Prime Minister calls for people to stay at home and fight the coronavirus and a sizeable number of people head to the parks, their country retreats and the shopping centres. In Spain the Prime Minister delivers the same message but a week earlier and everyone takes note.

So why is Britain so different than Spain? I must admit that when the lockdown was first announced nine days ago in Spain I was both in shock and rather alarmed. To be honest I was rather amazed that everyone took notice of the government and the streets of Palma were deserted. The police are also out in force with orders to fine anyone who does not have a legitimate reason to be out on the streets.

As we all know the police have also established roadblocks across the island. The lockdown in Spain will last for a further two weeks and there is speculation that things will not start returning to normal until the end of next month.

Britain must follow Spain's lead; staying at home saves lives is the simple message. Yes, it is a nightmare staying at home with no light at the end of the tunnel so far but it is the only way forward.

I suspect that the British government will be forced to take radical action and I believe that there will be incidents. The British need to follow that wartime phrase and take note of what the government is doing and Keep Calm and Carry On. It is the only way out of this terrible situation.