Going to work has become a delight. Most of us spend hours complaining about having to go to work and what goes on at the office, wishing that we could just stay at home and go to bed or relax in front of the telly -well now you can and ironically, people are desperate to go back to work. Hang in there, fingers crossed it will not be too long.

However, I still find myself stopping and looking left and right when I approach a cycle lane, I guess it's habit. For once, getting struck down by a cyclist, skateboarder or electric scooter rider are minimal.

What I have been having to wait for are the ducks. Palma's wildlife is thriving. The ducks which have become a popular attraction along the water way which runs through the Paseo Mallorca have suddenly appeared along the pavement and are waddling around the grass verges without a care in the world.

The flocks of birds normally drowned out by the tens of thousands of cars which bring the city centre to gridlock everyday can now be heard bringing a whole new atmosphere to the metropolis. And, it appears to be the same for cities across the world which are in lockdown. Wildlife is booming and carbon footprints and emissions have been drastically reduced. Perhaps there are lessons we can all learn from this current crisis and improve the world we live in once it is all over.


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Georgi Krastev / Hace about 1 year

True the nature is having a respite, yet it's hard to understand why one will note the lack of cyclists as a positive thing. Cycling, running... Etc should have remain allowed as form as an individual exercise so that people will have an opportunity to boost their immune system via exercise and avoid the sedentary life in which many have been forced to.