I know a number of former and current leading football players are trying to convince the sport to put its hands in its pockets to help the millions of football fans and members of the general public through this crisis, but the federations are still worried about how to protect their enormous mountains of cash.

Footballers have been taking to social media to reinforce the message to stay at home, many sharing videos of how they too are getting through the lockdown. Unfortunately some football players are more sensitive than others. One leading Spanish player posted a video of his family splashing around at home in an enormous indoor swimming pool, not quite the right message. Others, naming no names, are using their spare time to negotiate future contracts to protect their 15 million euro-plus a year annual wage if and when they are placed on the transfer list. I'd try and keep that out of the media.

Football fans, whether they go to the games or pay to watch live top flight football on TV, spend a small fortune every year to support their teams, now I think it's high time that the players and clubs support their fans.

I know a number of people who have be-come disenchanted with football over recent years because of the vast sums of money involved, so I think the players could do with coming up with a new game plan. How about four, four you?