I kind of liked the idea of the European Union, I’ve spent more of my life living around the world and EU states than in the UK, so I guess I am a European, and as a non-UK European resident, feel we’ve all been let down.

“The non European Union” was my editorial headline the week before last and a number of readers agreed.

The EU has proven that it is a complete and utter failure. Germany, France and Holland have abandoned Spain and Italy in their hour of need. There is no cohesive plan within the 27 member states and it appears all action that has been taken is to protect the euromark. The EU is finished and should revert to a trade organisation as it was originally i.e. a Common Market not a group of unelected officials overruling the laws of nation states,” one reader commented.

And, while a number of member states begin questioning their future participation in the EU, the EU Commission president has offered a “heartfelt apology” to Italy for not helping at the start of its deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Never mind Italy, what about the rest of the EU? Europe’s new golden girl was full of excuses, one was the EU was not ready - find me a country that was.

The EU should have been ready. Perhaps not for a virus pandemic but at least prepared to introduce an immediate united front to combat a serious threat to the union and its members. Too little too late for me.