The Palma Boat Show is one of the highlights of the nautical calendar in the Balearics. As we all know the nautical industry is vital for the local economy and employs thousands of people. The organisers of the Palma Boat Show, which should have taken place this month, had no option but to postpone it for obvious reasons but I was rather surprised that they have now decided to cancel it completely for this year.

The Balearic government has said that they expect the tourist season to start in August so I can´t see any reason why the Boat Show couldn´t take place in late September or October. I know the fair is meant to herald the start of the nautical season and in September and even October many nautical firms will be (hopefully) busy but we do need a Boat Show even if it takes place at the end of the season. The loss in revenue for Palma alone will be enormous and I think that the Boat Show rather brings the people of Majorca together with the nautical industry.

So I do hope that once the coronavirus crisis has ended the organisers will have a rethink. It is quite understandable with all the uncertainty at the moment that organisers of big events decide to cancel them but there are events which are vital for the local economy and need to take place. Everyone is going to have to make a super human effort at the end of lockdown to get the local economy back on track and the nautical industry is key. The Boat Show needs to take place some time this year.


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Britbabe / Hace about 1 year

Come on Frankie, of course Jason has to pander to the boaties, hoteliers and restaurant owners. How else is he going to get all his free lunches and dinners ?


Lizz / Hace about 1 year

Are you serious? You clearly do not live in a real world. Until a viable vaccine is developed, which may or may not happen, can anyone travel with confidence. A vaccine against our most common corona virus has never been developed, the common cold, the flu virus another corona virus, is not reliable. So how do you expect things to magically return to normal in September or October defies logic


Roger / Hace about 1 year

@Frankie, MelB and others below....I was trying to be as kind as possible just in case any words I used meant the comment was deleted!!!...but you are right...and there are many words that could be used...maybe the editor (who has probably happily kept receiving his salary whilst the rest of us struggle to retain existing clients and try to find new ones in the future!) and his team would like to arrange one of their 'MDB lunches' online in the next few days (we can happily eat our own food!!) and we can have a meaningful discussion on how to support everyone involved in Mallorca post-Corvid-19?...and maybe, just maybe, we can have an expat publication that is of value to the expat population and illustrates to the Balearic government and the Mallorca authorities that we really care about everyone and have a lot to offer...I am an international tourism consultant...I pay my taxes and I am not here just to take!!


MelB / Hace about 1 year

This man relies on the opinions of his taxi driver! Provocative or lacking in understanding? I think the answer is obvious. Very rarely does an original thought come out of his head. Many times have I suggested that a change of editor is long overdue.


Frankie / Hace about 1 year

I support all the points below but Roger, you are being slightly benign to the MDB. I was going to post some scathing comments on MDB in reply but instead, let me provide some useful advice to Jason et al. 1. Start posting articles about how we can help those in need here BEFORE events etc. Not after. That way we can do our bit. 2. Instead of being just a mouthpiece for hoteliers, start supporting the rights of hotel workers. 3. Start understanding that Mallorca is not quite the ‘paradise’ you often describe it as. Yes, it’s nice. But there are plenty of nice places in Europe. Plus frankly, in many terms, especially legal matters, we’re a banana republic and very corrupt. MDB ever done investigative reporting into corruption? Don’t think so. You are too invested in the system. 4. Start providing detailed and practical advice, with full contact links, to help us in a post-Brexit world (driving licenses, ITV, tax, legal matters, best deals on Internet, household maintenance etc etc). Why has MDB NEVER started a how to guide? I’ve been here for 15 years and am an expert in getting ripped off) You won’t have any hard copy sales this year, so use the time to improve your product instead of drinking coffee all day and translating a few UH articles. 5. On a lighter note, stop making basic spelling and grammar mistakes, stop prefacing your sentences with ‘Now, ...’ stop writing ‘as I have said before in this space’ and other idiocies.


Jason Me / Hace about 1 year

More than likely because there is the Southampton and Barcelona boat shows in September and October !


Roger / Hace about 1 year

I enjoy reading your daily publication, which is great for those of us whose grasp of the Spanish language is less than it should be! I have never met you in person (but sincerely hope to do so one day) and wonder (as I have commented previously) if you are just highly provocative to gain maximum comment (your journalist instinct!) or you really are lacking in your grasp of real economic matters and your political views are undesirable - I reserve judgement. I think it is about time that you and your publication started working towards the overall good of Mallorca and our tourism and other important sectors rather than being controversial and potentially obstructive....Why not create a section of your publication and begin promoting initiatives that will not only return but enhance tourism and associated sectors in Mallorca (and the Balearics as a whole)?...Do you not think that at this time of need you can be more useful??


John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

Front page of the Bulletin.Life Back To Normal By Christmas/ Britain Too Slow and 40000 Could Die. “Doctor” Jason talks of when the crisis has ended.The Boat Show needs to take place this year. Take a lesson from Britain who were late taking seriously and was stupid enough to allow Cheltenham Race Festival to go ahead. Your precious Boat Show has no chance this year.your comments would hopefully appear to be just to fill some column inches but even so are unhelpful and show a complete lack of understanding of the seriousness of this pandemic.


Steven Patrick Harrison / Hace about 1 year

Not possible in Sept / Oct there is Cannes , Southampton, Genoa &, Barcelona, that enough boat show in that period.


Frankie / Hace about 1 year

Not only is your idea completely nuts from a safety perspective, it’s also impossible. No way logistically could it be managed at this point. Refunds are being made, boats are probably not able to reposition, and in any case, very few will visit. It’s an overblown glamour fest anyway. As an insider I can tell you that very few sales are made at the show. Maybe a few maintenance and mooring businesses here make new contacts, but that’s about it. The rest is just posing.