The week started with Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez ordering another two weeks of lockdown which will take us in to early next month (May 10). There had been hope that Sanchez would order a gradual easing of the tough restrictions, but no. But towards the end of the week there was a new wave of optimism.

The number of cases of coronavirus and the death toll was gradually falling and the Balearic government had started talking to businesses about plans to reopen and get the economy moving. Now, no time frame has been given and this does not mean to say that there is going to a rapid return to normal life, but things appear to be heading in the right direction. The campaign to save the summer season has also been gathering strength.

Even bars and restaurants have joined the chorus of “Opening soon” and they are calling for larger terraces and social distancing between tables and clients as the way forward. But as I say, I do not want to raise people´s hopes because Sanchez could pour a bucket of cold water over all the proposals and wishful thinking by some sectors. The PM will have plenty to ponder on this weekend; the rest of Europe is easing the lockdown but the situation is still not under control in Spain.

There are fears that if the lockdown is lifted too soon then we could be back to square one again in a matter of days. But after five weeks behind closed doors the majority of Spaniards are starting to call for more action. A gradual return to normal life’s coming soon, how soon? no-one knows but there is cause for optimism. The battle has not been won yet but the enemy, in this case the virus, is retreating (hopefully).