When hundreds of thousands of people in the Balearics and millions across the country, along with a never ending list of companies, have had to endure pay cuts, bonus reductions and the loss of all extra financial incentives, Palma’s left wing coalition council this week rejected a proposal to freeze wages and use all non essential cash to create an emergency war chest to help the municipality at large.

The motion was tabled by the far right party Vox, the party everyone appears to love to hate despite it being the third largest party in Spain now, with the backing of the Partido Popular.

Obviously politics influenced the decision of the members of the ruling left wing group but now is not the time for petty spats, now is the time for politicians on all sides to stand united and think and act in the interest of the general public and the local economy.

In Congress on Thursday, the president of the autonomous government in Aragon told the house that his main interest is not saving the jobs of politicians, in particular the prime minister, “but saving people’s lives”.

Obviously that fell on deaf ears in Palma where there are rumours of civil servants having their wages frozen and their summer and Christmas bonus payments shelved to save money. So what makes Palma council so special?

Shame on those who vetoed the proposal.


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Mike / Hace about 1 year

You really didn’t expect anything else , now come on heaven forbid councillors would even consider helping anyone apart from themselves they only want the job for the easy money 💰


John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

The Council is special because they are Politicians.How dare you thing decency and common sense applies to this group of very important individuals.There is nothing to stop any politician of any party refusing a pay rise. The U.K. has gone one better ,our MP.s have decided to accept an extra £10,000 as they are working from home!