I am confused! Some shops opened yesterday including hairdressers but we are still officially meant to be in lockdown. So if you are stopped by police can you just say... sorry officer I am just off to the hairdressers! So when are you meant to go to the hairdressers? In your exercising period? your dog walking time? or your going to the shops and chemist time? Or is there now a new official time phase... going to the hairdressers?

Spain is still meant to be in lockdown and you are only allowed out at certain times of the day and in certain circumstances. Now, I understand that the government wants to get the economy moving again but there isn’t much point in businesses reopening if there are no clients.

Hotels will be allowed to open... but there are no tourists. Bars and restaurants will be allowed to open but only at 50 percent capacity inside to help social distancing. This may sound very nice to the boffins but the majority of bars owners will tell you that there isn’t much point opening if your maximum capacity is only half full to start with and it will be a miracle if the bar reaches this level because there are still restrictions on going out!

I suggest bars ponder a sort of happy hour... children’s hour when you are allowed out with your kids, a pet hour for animal owners and an exercise hour. This might drum up some trade. The truth is that until the restrictions are lifted hopefully by the end of June there isn’t much point in many of them actually opening.


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Bert / Hace about 1 year

Wrong again


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

It is so true how you describe reality compared to the insanity of the government rules and regulations. My intake is that if hair dressers are open, I am allowed to go there. If you get fined that, it will never stick in court. But, the way things are going, Sanchez and his buddy Davy Crocket, will loose the vote on Wednesday and by the 9th the insanity of the "state of alarm" will end. I sincerely hope so.


S. / Hace about 1 year

May I suggest you read the BOEs then write a proper editorial or article with all the answers rather than confusing your readers by saying you are confused. You can go to the hairdressers or the small shops at any time during the day just like the supermarket and the chemist as long as you have an appointment. It does not form part of your exercise time. Keep the receipt in case you are stopped afterwards just like you will have been doing with your essential shopping (haven’t you?). Why make things sound even more complicated than they already are?


Dave / Hace about 1 year

Well said Jason. I'm afraid the Spanish Gov't whilst acting well on a clear lockdown is utterly confused about the unlock. Mixed messages, confusion but also brutal €600 fines for confused people. Unfortunately Mallorca will suffer the most in Spain. I estimate 80% of bars & restaurants in pure tourist areas like Palma Nova and Magaluf will close down. Ex pat enclaves like Santa Ponsa will fair better. Unfortunately higher end restaurants and boutique hotels in Palma are doomed.