It was highlighted today, while EU states combed over Brussels’s great plan to get tourism moving again, that the UK is still considered a member of the European Union and must therefore comply with any new rules and regulations, especially regarding the pandemic until at least the end of the year, so why has the UK done a travel deal with France and no other countries of mutual interest - like Spain?

President Macron and Prime Minister Boris Johnson have spoken about the “need for close bilateral, European and international cooperation in the fight against Covid-19”. The British government has announced that quarantine measures will not apply to arrivals from France. The two leaders have agreed to work together on the consultation over the coming weeks, indicating a reciprocal agreement allowing British nationals to enter France without the need to quarantine once borders reopen, nor the need to quarantine on their return home.

So, what’s the deal? Do the powers that be consider it safe for Britons and French to travel to and fro while excluding and ignoring the desires and needs of other European Union nationals.

Personally, considering the high death rates in both the UK and France I would say Macron and Johnson are taking a gamble and jumping the gun.

It’s a brave decision for them to be taking and it will be interesting to see what Brussels has to say.