The biggest “before and after” or new habit of “the new normal” for consumers is going to be whether to continue shopping on line or going back to the shops.

Since the State of Emergency I have heard never ending conversations about what people are buying and have bought on line and how easy, and cheaper, the process is - even home/office delivery food. It must be the second most discussed topic after the pandemic. However, it’s now crunch time for high street retailers and, having hunted high and low around Palma over the past week or so for some new summer clothes, I am having to go on line. To be honest, I hate shopping at the best of times. I shop when I need to, although every now and then something will catch my eye. I can’t say I’m a huge on line shopper either but I’m going to have to take the plunge.

The problem, especially for men, in Palma is that I’ve found all of the stores trying to get rid of the winter stock which got trapped in warehouses by the pandemic. I understand their problem, but who is going to buy a goose down ski jacket right now or a lovely woolly jumper? Very few people I fear. And, once I’ve emerged from the jungle of winter wear, there’re very little summer items available. It’s a catch 22 situation but I would suggest some widespread discounts on winter stock and some attractive offers for the summer to get that footfall moving.