It seems rather outrageous that this weekend´s Black Lives Matter demonstation in Britain will go ahead...considering that the government is still calling for social distancing and has advised many to stay at home and avoid crowded places.

So why are demonstrators allowed to protest in London when you can’t even go to the pub? I fully support the Black Lives Matter movement but unfortunately it is sad that a small minority will grab the headlines and London is braced for trouble. So why doesn’t the government just ban the protest for breaking every coronavirus guideline in the book? The fact that Winston Churchill’s statue and the Cenotaph have been covered off so that they are not vandalised is surely another good reason for the government to say No. Come on Boris Johnson, some of your supporters have dubbed you the new Churchill well now you can show your grit and determination.

Peaceful protest for a good cause is one thing, what we saw last weekend was nothing short of anarchy and it didn’t appear that the police or the authorities were prepared. What is not acceptable is damage to public property and to statues of leading Britons such as Churchill. If Britain is to get back on its feet again after the coronavirus it will need the same spirit which was shown by Winston Churchill during WW2. For this reason he is regarded as the greatest Briton voted for by the British public.