The Balearics are very lucky that they have such loyal tourists. On Monday ten thousand German tourists will start to arrive on the islands as part of a test is the curtain raiser for the start of the holiday season.

These are tourists who are desperate to come here on holiday...and full marks to them. I for one would like to wish them a fantastic stay because we need as many tourists as we can get this year and they should be applauded for their loyalty. The Balearic government are very pleased that they are coming but they are still charging them the tourist tax! If ever there was an opportunity to show the world how much the islands wants and need tourism, it was on this occasion.

In the good old days of Majorcan tourism the first plane would have been met by a folk dancing troupe, there would have been flowers and speeches. I doubt that any welcome reception has been organised. I realise that times have changed; in the late 1980s when travel supremo Harry Goodman arrived on the island he was met by the Balearic President and folk dancers and there was a party-like atmosphere. These days it is a multi-million euro business and the industry is run like a corporation. Perhaps, this is the right attitude but I believe that the industry hasn´t changed much at all. It is your summer holiday; your best two weeks of the year and above all you want to feel very welcome. It is about fun not men in suits talking business English. These islands have built a major industry on making tourists feel at home. We shouldn´t forget that and the words thank you should always be ready available.


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Nigel Stack / Hace about 1 year

Is it just me or do the two polls on your website front page contradict themselves. No to German tourists but yes to British ones. Hmm.


Meg Gage Williams / Hace about 1 year

Totally agree, this is a decisive moment where we must cut through the noise to show not just our many Unique Selling Points in terms of cultural / heritage, eco, sports and wellness-tourism but also our gratitude and hospitality more than ever. Otherwise, no matter how loyal a hardcore of loyal returnee visitors may be we shall lose out to rival holiday destinations (Portugal, Turkey, Greece ...)


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

I loathe having to charge the tourist tax to my guests. in fairness most just accept it and get on with it. It must put off some from coming here though. Some data on this would be useful. BUT you are right in that it’s a glorious piece of PR gold gone begging. For the paltry amounts they’d earn this year, it’d be a far better investment in next years season by suspending it and throwing the publicity bus at it. But no.


Michelle Lucas / Hace about 1 year

Today we should have been starting our holiday in Muro and we are sad not to be there. I will miss The Spanish food and the Spanish people we have Come to know over the years. Hopefully we will Be able to return soon


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

I totally agree with your statement Jason: If ever there was an opportunity to show the world how much the islands wants and need tourism, it was on this occasion. Penny wise, pound foolish.